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Company Registration Fee in Pakistan

For any profitable company, investment in different regions of the world can prove to be a gold mine. Like many countries, Pakistan has always been seen as a beneficial investment center. Due to the huge prospectus of its rising economy and advantageous gaps in the investment market, the country is known to be a hub for profit maximization.

But with an eye for wealth maximization, an investor needs to know the answer to the most important question… WHAT WILL IT COST?

Company registration in Pakistan is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure. The registration fee structure is well organized and the amounts are nearly minimal to the massive future profits.

Breakdown of Company Registration Fee in Pakistan

a) In General

For nominal share capital not exceeding PKR. 100,000 the total company registration fee is:

i) Offline Submissions: PKR 1,800
ii) Online Submissions: PKR 3,500

2) Other Costs

  • Fee for seeking name availability:

          Offline: PKR 500
          Online: PKR 200

  • Name reservation fee: PKR 200
  • Filling fee: PKR 400
  • Fee for registration with Labour department: PKR. 1,000
  • Foreign company registration challan:

          Offline: PKR 50,000
          Online: PKR 25,000

3) Ongoing Fee

For every PKR 100,000 of the capital of part thereof above the amount of PKR 100,000 and up to PKR 10,000,000, an additional fee of PKR 500.

Agency for Registration Fee

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)