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Auditing is Invaluable

Knowledge is Power

Back in the 15th century, when audit hadn’t been thought of, Francis Bacon said knowledge is power, and of course, he was correct. That is the value of a company’s audit – the knowledge, intelligence, and data it provides is the basis for future planning and development as well as evidence-based decision making.

The Benefits

An audit can play a critical part in improving the functioning of any company. Auditors help businesses by flagging up potential concerns, which in turn enables management to be aware of impending threats as well as recognizing existing limitations to the operations. It also serves to highlight procedures and checks that are not working effectively and presents a chance to enhance them.

Hire the Specialists

Push Digits are driven by numbers and financial information. As a business owner, for your business to be successful, the more accurate financial information you can get hold of, the better your decision making will be. Data provides clarity and a strong basis for moving forward with confidence.

Reasons to Conduct a Self-Audit

Apart from the critical importance of the data, you will frequently have to conduct your Company’s auditing for specific reasons. Some of them are:

  • Statutory obligations
  • Compliance for prescribed purposes
  • Appreciation of your present standing and to moderate risk
  • To show compliance with your Financial Model
  • To establish competency on contractual involvement in the public sector
  • Managing Trust Funds to ensure reliability

You may decide to request an independent auditing of the business you are looking to buy. Purchases and mergers are fraught with dangers unless you have detailed, accurate information at your fingertips. The integrity of their financial records is critical, especially if they could be being less than honest or have things to hide. An independent audit will give you the truth, so your final decision will be made based on accurate up to date reliable information.

Impartiality Guaranteed

All of our audit work is based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which means that the data gathered will be acceptable to any qualified professional CA worldwide. It eliminates misunderstanding and ensures the financial statements are accurate and trustworthy.

Push Digits has a highly valued global standing for integrity and fairness, which means the reports we produce for you will have guaranteed approval by your business partners, no matter where on the world they are.

Outsourcing Saves Costs

Modern businesses rarely set up in-house accounting departments anymore. Accountancy has turned out to be so complex that outsourcing the accounting services is the preferred option. It saves so much money and offers flexibility with a large experienced and skilled team behind you; you can tackle anything knowing your accountancy needs are being fully taken care of round the clock.

All the expenses associated with an in-house operation that doesn’t work 24/7/365 and has additional costs for office space, salaries, retirement plans, and so many other fixed costs, doesn’t make sense. You can have all the benefits of a top professional international accountancy team working for you while you sleep at a price that will save you money.

Push Digits’ Great People

Push Digits has a team of more than 50 professionally qualified accountants geared up and accessible all the time. Communicating with your dedicated personal accountant has become simpler than seeking a response to a query at your office. At one email received from you, Push Digits will set up an online video conference with you at your desk within minutes. Video conferencing is better because it’s live face to face, and you can show your screen to discuss a document, so that we are both on the same page. It’s a significant benefit we offer to our clients to make working with Push Digits so much easier.


Trusting your financial processes completely to one organization needs confidence; Push Digits will handle 100% of your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Auditing will be quicker and more cost-effective because we are acquainted with your organization. It also becomes easy for your team to give us the correct data for a positive audit. The smoother the data gathering is, the lower the cost.

Auditing Shows that you are Proficient

If you are bidding for a federal contract, they will need to see you are financially liquid. They need to see what money there is in the Company. They also want to know what you owe to ensure you’re not overstretched and at threat of failure. Most importantly, they need to see your equity. Is it stable, rising, or decreasing, which could show possible bad financial management?

Governments are responsible to taxpayers, and they won’t award projects to organizations with any possibility of collapse. An independent and conclusive audit from Push Digits is the key to achieving the listed candidates. Showing you have an audit available even if it’s not asked for exhibits self-assurance and it will set you out in front of the competition.

The Conclusion

With more than twenty years plus accounting experience, Push Digits delivers cost savings over 80% on regular accounting costs, so there’s little choice. Push Digits will respond to your query within Thirty Minutes, round the clock, which is perfect if your business is international. No matter where your client is, it’s good to know that Push Digits is there, available for you whenever you need us.

Guaranteed 100% confidentiality is what we deliver to our clients. Plus, we provide direct contact with our Senior Partners, who are on hand to deliver solutions to your stakeholders.

We have more than 3,500 happy clients, and you may view their testimonials on our website. We employ more than 50 chartered accountants, and auditors, who are all skilled, experienced, experts having worked internationally. They can provide answers to any questions about the laws and regulations globally.

We understand each business niche, and we provide outstanding coaching to your employees, so that they know how to manage your accounting software. We deliver your Company’s audit reports on-time, consistently.

Your first choice is Push Digits — your accounting team working right behind you, always working for you, and delivering you the advantage you deserve.

Contact us and let us show you how we can Push the Digits for you!