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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of us don’t know everything, so the only brainless question is the one we don’t ask.

If you are not clear on how outsourced accounting works along with its many specialisms like Bookkeeping, Taxation, Audit & Assurance and Accounting Software, perhaps we can help you with some of the answers here.

Push Digits has collected some of the most common queries we get and provided answers that should clearly explain everything.

If there is a specific question that isn’t shown here, please contact us by email, phone or using our friendly live chat facility on this website. Push Digits' Team is waiting for your call.

You can have your accountancy & tax requirements done at a fraction of the price of your own employed accountant. Cloud-based accounting packages along with other hi-tech developments, have enabled companies to benefit from virtual accountancy & bookkeeping facilities.

Push Digits’ team of highly skilled, professional accountants are waiting to handle your every need, and perhaps some you haven’t even through of yet!

Yes, Push Digits is approved to carry out all forms of tax consultancy services in Pakistan. We scrutinize your company’s methods and practices and put systems in place to monitor input and output VAT. We will implement training for your staff to ensure correct VAT compliance, and we will present and submit accurate VAT returns to the FBR on the due date.

Yes, an annual external audit is compulsory and it’s a process which reports on the financial viability of your company for the benefit of its stakeholders, including directors, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, Government, and other Authorities. It will be useful for applying for funds from financial institutions, for tenders and tax audit requirements.

Your control will be enhanced, plus they will all be correct and up to date, which will assist you in managing your business more effectively. You will always be in control of approving and authorizing transactions while Push Digits handles the administration process for you.

If you are happy with the performance of your accounting team’s performance, then we would advise continuing with them. However, if you have one accountant undertaking your company’s financial affairs and perhaps your company has expanded it may be the time to consider employing Push Digits to bring fresh eyes to your company. If you have a number of accounting staff and are keen to reduce costs without diminishing the service you enjoy, then perhaps it’s time to consider Push Digit’s services.

We have several established industry protocols in place to safeguard security. All information, systems and individual computers are protected, and Push Digits is continuously improving and developing our security systems.

Cloud technology enables directors and managers to access business information at anytime from anywhere. Integrated Cloud based accounts packages, along with your company’s data, improves the efficiency of your administrative and accounting processes which in turn enhances your businesses efficiency and effectiveness.

Push Digits is partnered with a number of internationally recognized accounting software packages like:

  • QuickBooks
  • Sage
  • Tally. ERP9
  • Xero

These packages have several additional apps and functions which may be useful to your business. For example, POS, CRM, HR, sales & marketing and stock control. Push Digits will evaluate your needs and make recommendations on which software is best suited to your needs.

Yes. In order to avoid fines from the Government Board of Revenue (FBR), it is important to instigate VAT compatible accounts packages and supporting measures straight away, if you haven’t already done so. This will ensure your tax returns are accurate, but also provide you with up to date information on your business, which will assist you with accurate data driven decisions. Push Digits will work with you to install the necessary systems with our team of world class qualified and experienced accountants.

Push Digits will help with all aspects of your Tax and VAT compliance with FBR regulations. We will help you to deal with all queries from the FBR and Push Digits will ensure we answer them correctly and timeously to guarantee you and the FBR are satisfied.

The documents we require vary according to your company size and the reason for the audit. The following are some of the essential audit requirements:

  • Company legal documents – Company Articles or Memorandum of Association.
  • Copies of shareholders passports of, share certificates, property lease or contract paperwork.
  • Current trial balance, balance sheet, income statement and general ledger from your accounting system. (If you don’t have an accounting system Push Digit’s team will prepare the information from original documentation.
  • Bank records and reconciliations.
  • Transaction documents like – statements, bills, proof of purchase and agreements.
  • Bank verifications and any third-party authorizations if required from related parties, clients or providers.
  • All relevant information required to complete the audit.

This will depend on the scale of the business under audit. The audit can take as little as two days up to two weeks. The final timescale will depend on information being available from the client and the complexity of the project.

Push Digit’s audit company – Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants, is endorsed by most of the leading banks in Pakistan, the Government and other Authorities. Push Digits will carry out audit reports for your bank, investors, government authorities, tendering, tax authority and shareholders of the Company. Push Digits complies with IFRS Regulations.

Each audit fee is based on information supplied to our administration team who will always quote you the most reasonable audit fee in keeping with your budget. For more information please contact Push Digit’s team today.

Our fast response time is our hallmark. Push Digits will often guarantee a 24-hours turnaround time as our large team has the expertise to handle vast amounts of work with efficiency and accuracy in the shortest timescales. However, the final timescale will depend on the type of project, the size of the project how complex it is and of course how quickly you require it. When you’ve delivered us full details, we will confirm the project timescale to you.

We deliver services to our clients who are based all over the world. Mostly Push Digit’s customers are in UAE, GCC, Australia and Pakistan.

Push Digits provides accountancy, taxation and auditing facilities to clients in many different industries, for example, trade and banking segments, services, trading and manufacturing. Our clients range from small through medium sized organizations to large corporations.

Our clients have chosen to contract out their accountancy, financial management, taxation and auditing functions to Push Digits because of the wide range of positive benefits we offer, for example:

  • No administration issues
  • High cost savings
  • Adaptable pricing
  • Access to a large team of skilled professionals
  • High levels of efficiency
  • 100% transparency
  • 100% data security and confidentiality
  • Fast response times

When we receive your contract termination notice, we will work with you over a period of thirty days to ensure a complete handover of all information and data. Push Digits will guarantee the transition is as effortless as possible.

Your business is allocated an Accounting, Taxation or Auditing Partner depending on your company’s specific project, as soon as the Contract is signed and before the engagement activity starts. We guarantee you will have direct interaction with one of the team staff at all times as well as the Partner, who will be available and ready to respond to your questions.

No. Your location is not an issue as we deliver our virtual services using a Cloud-based accounts software package. So, no matter where in the world you are, Push Digit’s professional team is right there with you working in your best interests.

Our services are suitable for companies which have an annual turnover in the range of $1 million and $50 million. No matter the size of your company, Push Digits can deliver the highest quality accounting, taxation, and audit services to you.

Join us in the Cloud, we are waiting for you. Call us today or chat with us to find out more.